We provide a premixed conservation grade acrylic lacquer (Paraloid™ B-72) which can be used for preserving and enhancing the finish of artefacts and coins recovered whilst metal detecting or mudlarking.

It can also be used for coating finds containing glass (incl. matrix seals) as it can help to prevent glass disease due to the coating providing a hermetic seal. The same applies to bronze finds and the prevention of bronze disease.

We offer small premixed quantities of 50ml, 100ml and 150ml in 3%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% ratios, providing a cost effective, quick and easy method for Metal Detectorists and Mudlarkers to Enhance, Preserve and Protect their precious finds. The lower 3% solution is recommended by the Portable Antiquites Scheme (PAS) as the minimum level of protection.

Each premixed purchase is supplied with 1 x Microfibre cloth, 2 x application brushes and an application guide with FREE SHIPPING in the UK if the order value is over £25.00.

Note: This offer applies to standard shipping only, express shipping is provided at a cost of £3.99 or £4.99 depending on the chosen service).

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  • Crispus 321AD Roman Coin Obverse Coated
  • Paraloid™ B-72

    When used as an alternative to wax, Paraloid™ B-72 consolidates and seals the object providing an attractive soft gloss sheen. It is available in concentrations of 3%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%, the higher percentage offering higher consolidation and more protection. Paraloid™ B-72 is also non yellowing, and easily reversible.

    The images below show the three stages of the process and resulting finish, if you like what you see head on over to our online store.

    If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page. (Coin shown: Crispus 321AD Lyons coated with a 10% solution)

  • Crispus 321AD Roman Coin Reverse Coated
  • Crispus 321AD Roman Coin Obverse


    The coin was cleaned and dried using deionised water, a cotton bud and soft brushes.

    Crispus 321AD

  • Crispus 321AD Roman Coin Obverse


    Paraloid™ B-72 was used to coat half the coin which provides a side by side comparison.

    Crispus 321AD

  • Crispus 321AD Roman Coin Obverse


    After coating with Paraloid™ B-72 (10%) the coin is sealed and ready for display with a nice soft gloss finish. Crispus 321AD

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A simple way to preserve and protect your finds.

Preserve and Protect your Finds

Trusted by the British Museum, conservationists and archaeologists worldwide, Paraloid™ B-72 has been used to preserve, enhance and protect precious artefacts for many years.

Easy to Apply

Provided premixed and ready to use, simply brush on and wait to dry to achieve the desired finish.

Non Yellowing

Paraloid™ B-72  dries clear and is non yellowing.

Fully Reversible

Non permanent (reversible) and can easily be removed by cleaning with acetone.

Safety Advice

Ensure you have read the safety advice on the website and in the leaflet provided with Paraloid™ B-72 before use.