Brushing coin with ArteSeal

Guidance for Use

The following section explains the method used to apply Paraloid™ B-72 and provides guidance for safe working practices whilst using the product.

IMPORTANT: When handling the product ensure appropriate hand and eye protection are worn and the surface you are working on is adequately protected.

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Follow the steps below to apply ArteSeal


Before you start, ensure you are wearing suitable hand and eye protection, and make sure the surface you are using is adequately protected. Acetone can easily damage varnished or painted surfaces

Disclaimer: Ensure all safety guidance is followed, ArteSeal cannot be held responsible for the mishandling of the product and any personal injury or property damage as a result of its misuse.

Practice First

Before use please test on an unwanted coin or artefact to ensure you are happy with process and resulting finish.

Paraloid™ B-72 has been tested on a wide number of artefacts and coins, but we cannot take into account the natural ageing process and stability of a particular object.

Use at your own risk. If in any doubt do not use.


Ensure the Artefact or Coin is completely dry and free from any loose material or dust.

IMPORTANT: The object must be completely dry to avoid streaking.


Whilst coating the Artefact or Coin ensure it is held securely either in a suitable mount or between your fingers (ensure hand protection is worn).

Tip: You can also secure the coin in place with a piece of Blu Tack (or similar) to stop it moving.


Ensure you apply a nice even coverage with a soft brush then leave to dry.

The product dries very quickly and results can be seen almost instantly.

Tip: Make sure the cap is fully resealed during and after use or the product will evaporate.

Note: If you are holding the object in your hands and see a build up of small white flakes near the edge you're holding, simply recoat that area to dissolve the flakes.


If you do not like the finish, or wish to return the artefact or coin to it's natural state, Paraloid™ B-72 can be removed by simply wiping with acetone until the natural finish has been restored.

Acetone may need reapplying close to raised areas and edges, a cotton bud soaked in acetone can also be used to get into tighter spots.

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