Brushing coin with ArteSeal

How it works

Paraloid™ B-72 is widely used by archaeologists and conservationists due to the fact it can be used on a wide range of materials, including metal and coins, and it is safe and easy to apply.

It is clearly a personal choice whether you use a substance to enhance your finds. Some prefer the natural 'as found' finish, others prefer to enhance the look of the object using wax. Coating with Paraloid™ B-72 is just another option, and personally we've found it to to be the quickest to apply with less mess and had great results.

The product itself is an ethyl methacrylate/methyl acrylate copolymer supplied to us in small clear pellets, we then dissolve it in a solvent which carries the Paraloid™ B-72 in suspension.

We use Acetone as it is one of the safer solvents to use and also widely used by conservationists. In addition it can be found in and around the home (e.g. nail varnish remover) so people are familiar with it's properties and are used to handling it.

Brushing coin with ArteSeal

When the mixture is applied the solvent (acetone) evaporates and the Paraloid™ B-72 remains sealing the object in question. Once dry the colour of the object will be enhanced and you'll be left with a nice soft gloss finish.

Multiple layers can be applied to cover any areas you've missed, and retouching won't affect the overall finish.

Drying times vary according to the ambient temperature, most objects are touch dry within a few minutes. After coating we recommend leaving in a warm safe place to fully cure.

Non Yellowing

Paraloid™ B-72 won’t degrade over time and doesn’t turn yellow and has an extremely long shelf life if stored in a suitable environment.

If you need to remove a Paraloid™ B-72 coating from an object simply redissolve it using solvent. The easiest method is to flood the object using a cotton bud soaked in acetone then use a cloth to wipe off the excess. Repeat until the coating has been removed.

The Paraloid™ B-72 solution is provided in a HPDE bottle. Store upright in a cool, dry, ventilated place away from any sources of light, heat or ignition.

If stored correctly the product will last for many years.

Tip: Ensure the bottle is agitated after long periods of storage to ensure the product is evenly mixed.

If you have any further questions check out our FAQ page or drop us a line.