ArteSeal Founder with Metal Detector

About Us

The founder of ArteSeal is a veteran and keen metal detectorist and has searched the South East and Midlands for many years. They have also tried many products on the market to preserve and enhance finds.

Whilst researching new options they identified a method used by conservationists to enhance and preserve a variety of artefacts such as bones, fossils, paintings and metallic artefacts including coins.

The active product is called Paraloid™ B-72, but it wasn't available commercially in small quantities, and users had to mix up the solution and calculate their own ratios after sourcing their chosen products.

In 2022 ArteSeal decided to market the product, providing an effective method for detectorists to preserve, enhance and protect their finds. More importantly, this reduces the inconvenience of having to obtain different products, calculate the correct ratios and mix them in your home.

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Please Note: Paraloid™ B-72 is a trademark of Rohm & Haas. We are not affiliated with Rohm & Haas and all trademarks remain with the respective owners.