Looking for an alternative to wax?

Coating your finds - there's another option!

For many years Metal Detectorists have been using wax in various forms to enhance and protect their finds.  Whatever you're searching for, be it a coin wax, coin cleaner, coin sealer, coin coating or indeed artefact wax, sealer or coating there are very few options available.

Museums, archaeologists and conservationists have been enhancing, preserving and protecting artefacts including fossils, paintings, metals, coins and various other materials for 25 years or more, however they use a different coating which is called Paraloid™ B-72.

What is Paraloid™ B-72?

Paraloid™ B-72 is an ethyl methacrylate/methyl acrylate copolymer supplied to us in small clear pellets which we then dissolve in a solvent which carries the Paraloid™ B-72 in suspension.  There are various concentrations that can be used depending on the application, but we focus on the 10% and 20% variants as these are more tailored to coins and metal artefacts as a surface finish.  These are then packaged and shipped in smaller quantities more suited to our hobby.

Why do we use it?

It's used as an alternative to wax for enhancing, preserving and protecting your precious finds. It's quick and easy to apply, quick drying and provides great results presenting your find with a nice soft gloss sheen.  You simply brush it on and you can literally watch it dry and within a short time it will be cured enough to handle.
Coated George V Penny

Is it removable?

Absolutely, it's fully removable simply by dipping a cloth in acetone and rubbing it on the artefact or coin unit the coating is dissolved.  Check out our application videos on Instagram @arteseal to see just how easy it is to apply and remove.
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