Store Launch

We're open for business!

Well the day is finally here and the new online store for ArteSeal is officially open!
Please feel free to look at our products and if you have any questions, check out the FAQ page.  If they still remain unanswered then drop us a line via the contact page or by email us at

Preserve, Enhance and Protect

Coating your metal detecting or mudlarking finds is simple and effective with ArteSeal.  If you've previously used wax and been frustrated with the finish, then give ArteSeal a try.  We provide various purchase options so take a look at our online store, and if you have any questions contact us. 


You'll notice we're just focussing on Paraloid B-27 sales currently but we may decide to expand into other areas if the demand is there.

Thanks for stopping by and in the meantime we wish you the best of luck and happy digging!

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