Treasure Hunting Review - October 2023

Treasure Hunting Magazine


ArteSeal was lucky enough to have some of our products reviewed by Adrian Gayler from Treasure Hunting Magazine.  Adrian is their chief field tester and is well placed to provide a thorough unbiased review.

Preserving and enhancing your finds is the next most important step to finding them in the first place.  Adrian touched on the different metals and ways you can preserve your finds and quite rightly said the finish you choose to use on your finds is a personal choice.  Some prefer glossy, others matt, and there are many who prefer just a slight sheen and these are all a catered for in our range of products.

I won't repeat the review here as I'll let you read that for yourself from the link below, I just want to focus on Adrians closing words,...

"Overall, a fantastic product which will preserve your detecting finds for many years to come and at a great price".

Read the review here.

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