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Paraloid™ B-72 150ml (20% Concentration)

Paraloid™ B-72 150ml (20% Concentration)

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Paraloid™ B-72 is a conservation grade acrylic lacquer used for the preservation of artefacts and delicate coins.

The product is premixed and provided in a 150ml bottle with safety cap at 20% concentration.

Also includes 1 x Microfibre cloth (colours may vary), a stick to hold the object and 2 x soft application brushes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Hodgson
Game changer for all metal detecterists

Absolutely fantastic product would highly recommend as you won't be disappointed with the final results on your coins and artifacts

Thomas Somerville
20% concentration

Great product, having now used it on multiple artefact's I think that you would benefit from having different % solutions. The 20% is thicker than I expected which works well on certain artefacts but I think the 10% solution would work better on smaller/smoother less porous objects. Overall though very impressed with the product and I’m impressed with the detail it helps enhance with its sheen finish. Only extra advice I would provide is get some acetone as it dries fast and the application brush will go solid but dipping the brush after each application works well and if you make a mistake lightly brushing with acetone gets you out of trouble without causing any harm

William reed
Great new product for sealing your detecting finds

Arteseal is a simple to use ( with care, watch the video, read the instructions ) sealant for preserving your metal detecting finds, what's better is it can be removed quite simply with Acetone ( nail varnish remover ).
It brings out detail very well too.

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Paraloid™ B-72 mixture is provided ready to use in a 150ml bottle with safety cap, microfibre cloth and brush.


1. Clean the object removing any loose material, dirt or dust.

2. Make sure the object is completely dry.

3. Follow all safety guidelines.

4. Using a brush, coat the object completely and leave to dry.

5. Add additional coats as required.


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